Baku Higher Oil School to hold online I International Scientific Conferences of Students and Young Researchers

       Baku Higher Oil School will host the 1st International Scientific Conferences of Students and Young Researchers in online mode from June 8 -11, 2020.

       The conferences will be dedicated to the 97th birthday anniversary of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev and will be held for the first time at the international level this year.

      The dedication of the conferences to the 97th anniversary of the National Leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev is a manifestation of respect for his personality as a founder of modern Azerbaijan and its oil strategy.

       This year’s conference differs from the traditional conferences that have been held in previous years in format and scale.

       Due to the widespread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the world, it was impossible to organize conferences this year at the arranged time and format.

       The Conference on Chemistry and Sustainable Development in Chemical Engineering, to open on June 8, 2020, will include such topics as Environmental Problems and Biotechnology, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Processes, Advanced Materials and Polymers.

       The Conference on Mining and Renewable Energy, to be held on June 8-11, 2020, will discuss the following topics: Energy Conservation Technologies in Oil Extraction and Transportation Processes, Environmental Problems in Oil Production Systems and Their Solutions, Multidisciplinary Approach to Development of Hydrocarbon Layers, Basin Analysis in Oil and Gas Exploration, Production Optimization through Improved Well Operation and Layer Development, Renewable Energy, Improvement of  Well Planning and Drilling Operations, Oil & Gas Engineering: Effective Financing.

       The Conference on Process Automation and Information Security – 2020 will be held on June 10-11, 2020.  The agenda of the conference will include topics such as: Information, Measurement, Mechatronics and Control Systems; Systems Analysis; Modeling and Data Processing; Information Security and Cyber Security Issues in Industrial Networks; Application of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Industry.

       Students and young researchers from Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Georgia have presented theses to the conferences.

Source: Baku Higher Oil School

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