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Baku hosts Congress of Azerbaijan National NGO Forum (PHOTO)

BAKU: The 10th Congress of the Azerbaijan National Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is taking place in Baku, Trend reports.

The Congress will make changes to the charter and abolish the post of ‘president of the Azerbaijan National NGO Forum’.

The forum will be led by the chairman of the board of directors, which will be formed during the Congress.

The forum’s board of directors will consist of five people.

To note, the Azerbaijan National NGO Forum was created by 95 NGOs in June 1999 in Baku city.

The primary goals and objectives include assisting with the modernization of Azerbaijan’s public sector, enhancing the role and effectiveness of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), bringing NGOs’ current and future activities into line with international standards, learning from the experiences of developed nations, improving the process of NGOs’ creation, and finding solutions to the problems they encounter, among other things.

Source: Trend News Agency