Baku to host exhibition of Japanese food products

Baku will host an exhibition of Japanese food products for the first time, said general manager of the Cross Border Club Kazuyasu Ishida at a workshop for Japanese businessmen in Komatsu, Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture.

Ishida highlighted close cooperation between Komatsu and Baku. He said that direct cargo flights were launched between the two cities. Increasing export and import operations between the two countries can strongly influence the intensity of those flights. For this purpose, a first exhibition of Japanese food products is held in Baku. The event will showcase Japanese food products, drinks, cosmetics and many other products, which will be delivered by direct flights from Komatsu, Ishida said.

The two-day exhibition will showcase about 500 high-quality Japanese products in 80 stands.

The two countries will discuss mutual economic cooperation during a visit of nearly 150 Japanese businessmen.



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