Ban on communism still in force: Pramono

Rabu, 11 Mei 2016 00:58 WIB | 1.080 Views

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian government has reminded the people that the ban on communism and the decision on dissolution of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) is still in force.

The government reaffirmed the ban on communism and disbanding of the PKI following increasing activities voicing the ideology of communism.

“Provisional House of Consultative Assembly (MPRS) Decree No. 25/1966 that regulates communist ideologies and the dissolution of the PKI is still in force,” Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung told a press conference at the Presidential Office here on Tuesday.

Pramono said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has held a meeting with a number of state officials to discuss activities related to communism and use of its symbols.

National Police (Polri) Chief General Badrodin Haiti said he and President Jokowi, Attorney General HM Prasetyo, Head of the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) Sutiyoso and Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) officers had met to discuss increasing activities and use of symbols linked to the PKI or communism.

The Polri chief said security officers also noticed a number of communism linked activities.

Badrodin said President Jokowi gave directives to various state apparatuses to take legal action based on the MPRS Decree No. 25/1966 to handle activities or attributes of communism.

“The president instructed that legal approach be adopted because MPRS decree and Law No.27, 1999, are still in force,” the police chief said.

The decree regulates the banning of any activity in any form which disseminates or propagates Communism, Leninism or Marxism.

Security officers will take legal steps against people suspected to have disseminated Communist ideology in any form, such as through T-shirts, symbols or films.

Badrodin said besides police, supervision in the field to check activities linked to communism will be there.

Further, the Setara Institute has urged President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to chalk out plans to settle cases of gross human rights violations committed in the past, including those in the aftermath of the 1965 abortive communist coup.

“It is important for President Jokowi to take steps immediately in order to prevent social unrest due to the rising communist propaganda in recent days,” Setara Institute Chairman Hendardi noted in a press statement here on Tuesday.

Hendardi said the propaganda alleging a rise in communist tendencies in recent days would hamper the efforts to resolve past gross human rights violations, advance the cause of democracy and uphold human rights.

After all, the statements made by ministers and personnel of the Indonesian Military (TNI) and National Police (Polri) were less conducive to pacifying the situation. Instead, these had a tendency to sow seeds of hatred and foster social alienation.

“The communist propaganda will not only affect the victims of the 1965 event, but the civil liberties of the citizens will also be at stake. People not related to the 1965 event could also suffer from the same stigma,” he pointed out.

Hendardi claimed that the propaganda about alleged efforts to promote communism was linked to several activities highlighting the truth behind the 1965 tragedy through films, discussions, or publication of books. It could create rifts among the people.

Hendardi also suspected that the propaganda was launched to hinder the states efforts to bring about reconciliation among the people. It was meant to justify the restrictions imposed upon people and suppression of their civil rights.

Source: Antara News