admin April 25, 2016

Batam city government has been preparing a central region for fishermen in an effort to facilitate all the needs of the fishermen, ranging from fish sales to management of the results of the fishermen catches.

“We are preparing the fishermen central region, (it) is now being discussed,” head of the local Marine, Fisheries, Agriculture and Forestry affairs office Suhartini stated here on Sunday.

The city government is currently discussing the proper area as the location of the fishermen central region, including facilities which will be provided at the area, she said, adding that a fishing port will also be built at the location.

Suhartini further said that the fishermen central region will also provide benefit for Batam residents (to buy fish at the fishermen region), because many of the local fishermen have so far directly sold their fish to Singapore.

According to her, the absence of fish port have caused some of fishermen in the city sold their fish directly to Singapore.

However, the direct sale of fish to Singapore does not violate the law.

Source: Antara News