Belarus goes to polls to elect new Parliament

Belarusians are going to the polls to elect a new House of Representatives, according to BelTA news agency. Voting is running from 8.00 till 20.00. However, precinct elections commissions in military units, sanatoriums, hospitals, rest homes, and other health care organizations may declare voting finished before 20.00 once all registered voters have cast their ballots.

Belarus has a majoritarian electoral system. Elections are recognized as valid if the turnout makes up more than a half of votes cast in a constituency. A candidate to the parliament is considered elected if he/she gets the highest number of votes. If there is only one candidate on the ballot paper, he/she is recognized elected if he/she gets the support from more than a half of the voters.

6,990,696 people are eligible to vote at this year’s parliamentary elections in Belarus.