admin June 25, 2016

“History of Transnational Armenian terrorism in the 20th century” book by Russian researcher and historian Oleg Kuznetsov has been presented at the House of Journalists in Moscow. The book is based on official material of the USSR State Security Committee and the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as the material of criminal cases on crimes committed by Armenian terrorists in Azerbaijan and Russia. The author proved that throughout the last century, Armenians used terrorism as the primary means to create their own national state. “From 1975 to 1999 alone the Armenian terrorist organizations committed more than 300 terrorist attacks in 22 countries,” the author says.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Oleg Kuznetsov said that authorities in several Russian towns hampered the publication of the book accusing him of extremism. “The publication of this book was banned in Nizhny Novgorod and Tula,” he said, adding that representatives of the Armenian diaspora threatened him.

The book was finally published by Moscow Printing House “Stolitsa” and will be circulated to Russian libraries, universities and other educational institutions. The book will also be available in the internet.

September 3 is marked in Russia as the Day of Solidarity with terror victims. The author emphasized that he is planning to hold a presentation of a special website about Armenian terror on the eve of this day.

Source: Azer News