Web Desk April 8, 2021

Elvin Huseynov, Head of “YAŞAT” Foundation and the veteran of the Karabakh war, has taken part in the traditional Online B2G Forum organized by the Caspian Energy Club. Discussed at the forum were the activity carried out by “YAŞAT” Foundation, as well as topical issues and proposals of the Caspian Energy Club member companies. This was said by Telman Aliyev, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Caspian Energy Club.

The event began with a minute of silence in memory of the martyrs who fell in the struggle for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

Then Elvin Huseynov gave detailed information about the goals of creation and lines of activity of the “YAŞAT” Foundation. It was noted that the Foundation was created to support provisions for the victims and families of martyrs who fell in the struggle for the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Telman Aliyev called on the companies to support the “YAŞAT” Foundation as actively as possible. He noted that in addition to donations made to the foundation, companies should also provide moral support to the families of martyrs and the Karabakh war veterans.

Then Elvin Huseynov answered the questions of the Online B2G Forum participants. Telman Aliyev thanked Elvin Huseynov for the open and sincere dialogue. He also proposed to create a joint bilateral working group between the “YAŞAT” Foundation and the Caspian Energy Club. Within the framework of the working group, each member of the Caspian Energy Club, depending on the field of activity, will assist in renovation of apartments and houses of families of martyrs and veterans of the Karabakh war, and will also help with food products supply, medicines, clothing, etc.

The Caspian Energy Club which brings together over 5,000 companies and organizations from 50 countries was established in June 2002. As an active participant of the business-to-government dialogue, the major objective of the Caspian Energy Club is to improve the investment and business climate in Azerbaijan and in other countries where the Caspian Energy Club operates, as well as to stimulate and actively participate in the B2G, B2B and B2C dialogues.

The Caspian Energy Club is the international business-networking platform and regularly organizes various events. The head office of the Caspian Energy Club is in Baku. The Caspian Energy Club has official representative offices in Georgia and Kazakhstan, and authorized representatives in different countries around the world.


Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

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