admin April 25, 2016

The Russian Information and Cultural Center in Baku hosted Easter Charity Bazaar on April 21-22, Trend Life reports.

A fascinating event, organized by the Russian embassy in Azerbaijan and the Baku and Caspian eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, brought together MPs, representatives of the Culture and Tourism Ministry as well as diplomats and public figures.

The Easter Charity Bazaar aimed to collect funds for orphan children. The charity included wide range of events, as visitors viewed works of Azerbaijani painters, woodcarving craftsmen, handmade jewelries, and tasted Easter cakes.

The event program also included a charity lottery. All money from the Easter Bazaar will be directed to the needs of orphans.

The most active participants of the event were handed the letters of thanks from representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan enjoys a tolerant atmosphere for different nations and religions. The national policy is defined on the principles of tolerance and coexistence of various nationalities, ethnic groups and religious minorities. Many religious confessions co-exist there. There are 1,834 mosques, 12 churches and 6 synagogues functioning in Azerbaijan.

The government has created all conditions for religious worship in the country.

Easter is the time when Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, which is observed in March or April. It’s celebrated on the first Sunday following the first full moon which is on or after March 21st.

The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday and the last three days are Maundy Thursday or Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Many churches hold special services on Easter Sunday.

The coloring eggs in bright and vibrant colors, egg rolling contest as well as preparation of Easter cake is an essential part of this spring celebration.

World nations celebrate the holiday differently. For instance, in Russia, the neighbor or loved one of a person pierces the branch of the soft blooms, kept on the latter’s shoulder.

In the Czech Republic, the males of a family spank females with a homemade whip decorated with ribbons. The spanking is lighthearted and is believed to bring health over the next year.

“Sprinkling” is a popular Hungarian Easter Monday tradition, in which boys playfully sprinkle perfume, cologne or water over young women’s head, and ask for a kiss.

One very famous U.K. Easter tradition is the giving out of ‘Maundy Money’ by the Queen on Maundy Thursday. Centuries ago it was tradition that the reigning King or Queen would wash the feet of a few of poor people, the number of people being the same as the monarch’s age. This was to remember that Jesus washed his disciples feet before the Last Supper.

Source: Azer News