Web Desk February 18, 2021

On February 1, the students of primary schools, and on February 15, students of secondary schools have returned to schools, full-time secondary education is being restored in Azerbaijan. However, some school buildings were not ready to receive children in the winter. The air temperature in the country since February 16 has dropped significantly; on February 18, frost has come in the country.


According to Ulker Abdullayeva, a parent, centralized heating in the 48th Baku school, which does not have its own heating system, does not work. For a whole year of inactivity of the school building, the administration did not fix the shortcoming – a bad heating system. Half of the first-grade students in which Abdullayeva’s son is studying fell ill with a cold and do not go to class. The eldest daughter is sitting in the class in a winter jacket.


In the second letter U. Abdullayeva informed about the 256th Baku school, the daughter of her sister-in-law is studying there. Parents are forced to raise money and buy electric radiators to heat the class.


“What is it – during the days of a pandemic, children freeze in school classes?” Ulker asks and adds that there are cold classes in other schools in the capital.


The child’s father, political scientist Elkhan Shainoglu, told Turan about the coldness of the classes in school N 167.


The Baku Education Department told Turan about the response of the head of this department, Basharat Mammadov. He, referring to the statement of the director of the 167th school about the absence of a problem with heating, in a press release from the Department informs about the normal temperature in Baku schools, and invites parents to report the numbers of schools in which the heating is insufficient.


Press secretary of the Ministry of Education J. Valehov told the press about the timely preparation of all schools in winter, cold conditions. He agreed that Azəristiliktəchizat supplied hot water with low pressure to the heating system for the 48th school and denied the problem with heating in the 167th school. “These schools are currently heated normally.”


The head of Azistilik’s subscribers department, Rafik Aliyev, denies the shortcomings in the heating schools supplied from this department. There are about half of such schools in Baku – 287. He adds that half of Baku schools are heated by their autonomous systems, and the leadership of the ministry and the education department did not make claims to Azəristiliktəchizat. —0—


Source: Turan News Agency

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