Web Desk April 7, 2021

The chairman of Caucasian Muslim Office Allahshukur Pashazadeh and heads of religious confessions within the framework of visit to Agdam, have visited location of the tombs of Karabakh khans Imarat cemetery and Imarat stadium which was the stadium of Karabakh football club before the occupation, APA reports.


It has been noted that there were tombs of Panahali khan, the founder of the Karabakh khanate, and Ibrahimkhalil khan and his son Mehdigulu khan, the grave of Mehdigulu khan’s daughter, poet Khurshudbanu Natavan in the cemetery.


Other prominent people descended from Karabakh khans have been also buried in this cemetery. During the occupation, the tomb of Ibrahimkhalil khan, tombstone of Natavan have been also destroyed by the enemy.


The participants have also visited the Imarat stadium that is one of the destroyed infrastructure in Agdam, and was the stadium of the Karabakh football club.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency


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