Company with capital above 12 million euros registered in Azerbaijan

In October this year more than 40 companies were registered in Azerbaijan with the participation of citizens of the Russian Federation. One of them was established with a multimillion-euro capital, the director of which participated in the registration of another company with large capital in March this year.


According to the State Register of Commercial Legal Entities, unknown persons had invested 12,340,000 EUR into the capital of “Monte Investments” Ltd . Legal representative of the company is Olga Khokhlova, a Russian citizen. She also runs “Zümrüd Capital” (INN: 1405876421). At the time of registration on March 15, the capital of this company was 500 million Russian roubles. In June the company’s capital was reduced to 1,000 manats.


Turan news agency failed to identify Olga Khokhlova. Whether she is the same Olga Khokhlova who is on the EU sanctions list is not known as information on the founders as well as personal data on the legal representatives of the companies is confidential


Source: Turan News Agency