February 18, 2021

The government of Azerbaijan again returned to the issue of adopting the Competition Code, which has been working on since 2004. Work on improving the document continues, Mammad Abbasbeyli, deputy head of the State Service for Antimonopoly Control and Supervision of the Consumer Market (SSACSCM), said yesterday. According to him, when improving the draft document, the international practice of ensuring competition is taken into account. The SSACSCM hopes that the document will be adopted in the country’s parliament this year. As a reminder, the draft Competition Code was adopted in two readings in the parliament back in 2006. Later this bill was “forgotten”. Currently, the competitive environment in the field of entrepreneurship is protected by the Law “On Unfair Competition” of June 1995 and “On Antimonopoly Activity” of March 1993. Local nongovernmental organizations note the low level of accountability and transparency in the antitrust activities of the SSACSCM. It is emphasized that the department does not publish procedures and rules, as well as informed decisions in this direction. The register of ……


Source: Turan News Agency

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