Conformity with the requirements of environmental legislation examined

On December 16-29, 2017 officers of the Department for Environmental Protection of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (MENR) conducted a survey in order to inspect the compliance with the requirements of the environmental protection in the country territory.

During the process of inspection, 185 acts and protocols were filled for the law violations committed by natural persons and legal entities on the conservation of water and soil reserves, atmospheric air, bowels of the earth, fauna and flora, as well as illegal emplacement of domestic and industrial wastes in the environment, and 18 timed mandatory orders were made to eliminate the shortcomings.

Penalties worth AZN 39550 were imposed on 53 cases, claims worth AZN 27569,83 were declared on 57 cases related with the damage to the environment, repayments worth AZN 38885,64 were applied against the natural and juridical persons on 200 cases connected with the leaving and discharging of wastes in the environment. 35 cases were sent to certain law enforcement bodies, 52 to executive bodies and 27 to law court for taking measures.

Source: Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources