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Two elderly residents of the Baku village of Turkan, 91-year-old Humara Shabanova and 81-year-old Azizakhanum Atayeva, became victims of fraud by local officials and businesspersons. Because of falsification of documents, women were declared “dead” with the aim of appropriating their rights to land property.

The “perpetrators” have been brought to justice, however …

Since April 12, Shabanova and Atayeva have been on hunger strike demanding the restoration of their rights, as well as the release of their neighbor, Natig Magomedsoy, who decided to help them. The mother of the arrested person, Tamara Suleimanova, is also taking part in the hunger strike.

The Investigation Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the case of registration of Atayeva and Shabanova as deceased and the appropriation of their land plots. First, Rahil Babayev, a former representative of the executive power of the Khazar region in the village of Turkan, and a resident of the village, Chingiz Safarov, were arrested.

Dashgyn Nasirov, the nephew of the People’s Artist, was also put on the wanted list; he was detained in December 2020. Babayev was charged with forgery and abuse of office, while the other two were charged with fraud and forgery.

Dashgin Nasirov, based on health problems, the preventive measure was changed to house arrest, which caused a protest from the victims.

The women are unhappy with the progress of the investigation, since there have been no results for many months, and the pressure on them from the representatives of the accused continues. Moreover, Magomedsoy who helped them was arrested.

On April 12, a meeting of women took place at the Prosecutor General’s Office of Azerbaijan, and they demanded, first, the release of Magomedsoy. However, this did not give any results, and the women decided to start a hunger strike.

The essence of the conflict

The subject of the conflict was dacha plots in the village of Turkan, provided to the families of these women back in Soviet times. In the USSR, summer cottages were provided for use under contracts. The families of the Atayevs and Shabanovs each had 25 acres. Since the heads of families died, the rights passed to the wives and children. To simplify the seizure of plots, cybercriminals in 2019 opted for falsification and forgery. Representative of the Executive Power Rakhil Babayev issued a document on the composition of the Shabanov family, according to which only Shabanova’s granddaughter, the daughter of her deceased son, inherited the right to use the plot (although the woman has four living adult children).

Another participant in the fraud, Chingiz Safarov, known in the village as a broker, prepared a false death certificate for Shabanova. On behalf of her granddaughter, the summer cottage plot was re-registered in the name of Chingiz Safarov, who privatized the plot and resold it to Dashgyn Nasirov, who, according to media reports, is a well-known businessperson, the head of a serious company.

All this was revealed in August 2020, when Humara Shabanova decided to contact the ASAN Citizen Service Center to privatize the dacha. There she was told that she … died.

It is noteworthy that a woman who has been dead since 2006 has received a pension all these years. After this became known, Shabanova’s neighbors became worried and applied for the privatization of the site. It turned out that Azizakhanum Atayeva was also listed as dead since 2014. With the help of the village administration, only one of her sons is mentioned, from whom a general power of attorney was obtained by fraudulent means in 2017. It turned out that their relative, Chingiz Safarov, promised him employment and took a power of attorney from him. Later, Safarov said that he could not help and tore up the “power of attorney” in front of Atayeva’s son. However, in fact, he tore up the copy, and used the original to seize the site and then resell it to Dashgyn Nasirov and then to a third party.

All this was told by the lawyer of the Shabanov and Atayev families. According to him, the illegal actions of the fraudsters did not end there. The sites of the Atayevs and Shabanovs are located one kilometer from the sea. However, the scammers managed to register ownership of 1.25 hectares in another place – 100 meters from the sea. This land was in state ownership. During the privatization, the coordinates of the summer cottages were falsified.

All this cannot be done without the participation of employees of the Baku Real Estate Register Service. “According to some reports, two high-ranking officials of the department involved in this case were arrested the other day,” the lawyer said.

In addition to the employees of the state register service, a notary participated in the fraud, who formalized the transfer of rights to the plots from the Shabanovs and Atayevs. “The notary was obliged to pierce the death certificate of two women in the system and check. In this case, falsification would be revealed,” said the lawyer.

When asked why the attackers falsified the documents of the Shabanovs and Atayevs, if the object of sale and purchase was state land, the lawyer said that they only needed formal reasons for privatization.

“Punushment” of the lover of truth

Local resident Natig Magomedsoy, who decided to help the injured women defend their rights, ended up behind bars. His mother Tamara Suleymanova, who is also on a hunger strike, told Turan that her son was detained on March 5 in the village of Gala.

However, the police claim that Magomedsoy was detained at his house, after which searches were carried out in his car and house. However, the workers of the auto repair shop in the village of Gala testified to the defense that Magomedsoy was detained in their presence and put in the “Niva”. A policeman got behind the wheel of his car. He was brought home, followed by his car.

“On the way in the car, Natig could be planted anything. Drugs were allegedly found in our house, and a pistol was found in the car. The lawyer petitioned for an examination of the fingerprints on the weapon, but it is not carried out. Because they know that Natiga’s fingerprints are not there. All these – weapons, drugs – they planted themselves,” the woman said.

She also pointed out that the transportation of her son from Gala to Turkan in the “Niva” and the transfer of the car were caught by surveillance cameras, and one of such images was published in the media.

The defense requested the recordings from the cameras and requested that the testimony of witnesses from the car repair shop be included in the case. The defense also petitioned for an examination of the fingerprints on the pistol, its ammunition and three matchboxes with marijuana and five matchboxes with hemp, allegedly found in the car and in the house of the detainee.

The mother believes that her son was arrested by order, and the evidence was so inconclusive that the Khazar court did not take him into custody, but placed him under house arrest. However, the prosecutor of the Khazar region, Fahri Aleskerov, personally petitioned for the arrest of Magomedsoy. He faces up to seven years in prison. Elderly women demand his release and the restoration of their rights to summer cottages.

Source: Turan News Agency