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“Defense Line” and ANIP demand to investigate the violence against Tofig Yagublu

The human rights organization “Line of Defense” strongly condemned the “dispersal with particular cruelty” of the protest rally on December 1 in defense of the activist Saleh Rustamov.

Police officers deliberately caused serious damage to the health of the protesters: oppositionist Tofig Yagublu, members of the Popular Front Party Sagif Gurbanov, Babek Hasanov and Pasha Dadashzade, as well as member of the “Defense Line” Zafar Ahmedov.

The “Defense Line” draws attention to the particular brutality against Yagublu, who was beaten, handcuffed and put a plastic bag over his head. After prolonged beatings, he was thrown in a desert area 70-80 km away from Baku. As a result of the beatings, Yagublu stopped seeing.

“Defense Line” appeals to the Prosecutor General Kamran Aliyev with an appeal to investigate and establish the circle of Interior Ministry employees who have exceeded their powers by committing violence against citizens and to bring them to justice.

The “ Defense Line” also calls on the Ombudsman Sabina Alieva to take appropriate measures against the police officers within the limits of her authority.

The “line of defense” calls on international human rights structures, authoritative political and legal centers to respond to the above facts.

The organization calls on the government of Azerbaijan to respect the freedom of assembly of citizens guaranteed by Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Article 49 of the Constitution of the country.

In turn, the National Independence Party of Azerbaijan also condemned the violence of the police during the dispersal of the protest rally.

The barbaric massacre of citizens increases public discontent and contributes to the creation of civil confrontation. These actions are “not an ordinary crime,” but “a conspiracy and provocation against Azerbaijani statehood,” the statement said.

The demonstrative brutality against Yagublu aims to provoke new critical resolutions against Azerbaijan by international organizations.

ANIP calls on the authorities to investigate this provocation against statehood and severely punish those responsible, regardless of their identity.

Source: Turan News Agency