admin April 19, 2016

Azerbaijan’s National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) examined about 30,000 square meters of territories adjoining the contact line of troops of Armenian and Azerbaijani armies on April 18.

Thus, as a result of monitoring of the Garadagli village (Terter region), ANAMA has inspected the area of 16,000 square meters and found four unexploded shells, as well as five shell holes in four houses and adjacent territories. Moreover, some 8,000 squares meters were checked in Gapanli village of Terter region: the agency inspected 13 shell holes and found 13 exploded shells in the territory of two houses.

ANAMA also examined Azerbaijan’s Agdam, Fizuli and Goranboy regions, which suffered from Armenian shelling.

The Agency’s field engineers have examined 3,000 square meters in Agdam’s Evoglu village (two exploded shells and two shell holes were found), 1,735 square meters in Fizuli’s Goradiz village (13 exploded shells and 13 shell holes were found), and 210 square meters in Goranboy’s Gahdud village (two exploded shells and two shell holes were found).

In general, on April 7-18, ANAMA examined 278 houses and adjacent territories, five farms and areas under crops, two military units, a cemetery and a high school, as well as eight pastures in Terter, Aghjabadi, Agdam, Fuzuli, Tovuz and Goranboy regions. The field engineers have found and detonated 137 unexploded ordnances (UXOs).

Currently, special quick reaction forces are continuing demining operations using sniffer dogs.

ANAMA has launched operations to demine areas that were subjected to the heavy bombardment as a result of Armenian provocations on the contact line of troops. Military operations were stopped on the line of contact between Azerbaijani and Armenian armies on April 5 at 12:00 (UTC/GMT + 4 hours) with the consent of the sides. However, Armenia has ignored the agreement and started violating the ceasefire again.

Source: Azer News