Digital Code does not affect work of media in Kyrgyzstan

The Digital Code will not affect the work of the media. It is created to improve the provision of public services. Tattu Mambetaliyeva, the head of Civil Initiative of Internet Policy Public Foundation, announced during a round table on Friday.

According to her, the Digital Code is being created to protect the rights of Kyrgyzstanis when using technology. This also applies to data.

«The Code will become the basis for the provision of public services in the exchange of information. There is no point in regulating technology. They change every day. The Code should be technology neutral. The movement of data should be regulated,» Tattu Mambetalieva said.

She said that there was another unresolved problem.

«Everyone has to admit that giants like Facebook or TikTok are big corporations. They have become like a state within a state with its own rules and requirements, including the protection of personal information. We need to negotiate with them to protect the rights of our citizens. Therefore, the Digital Code will provide a mechanism for interaction with such corporations,» the head of the public fund said.

Source: News Agency