Ecclestone wants other F1 promoters to learn from Baku

Formula One Management CEO Bernie Ecclestone wants other promoters to learn from Baku regarding hosting its first Formula 1 race, Sky Sports reported June 22.

Baku hosted the 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe on June 17-19.

“If all the places we go made the effort that these people made here, it would be fantastic,” said Ecclestone. “They’ve done an incredible job.”

Ecclestone was particularly pleased with how the track came across on TV.

“It’s turned out to be a really good circuit,” he noted. “I wanted to go past the old castle whatever happened, to get all these things in shot, which is what we were lucky enough to do.”

The F1 drivers were also impressed with what Baku had to offer, including world champion Lewis Hamilton.

“Baku is like a jewel hidden away somewhere which we didn’t know about,” said Hamilton. “Plus, the weather is incredible.”

“This is a prototype, this is the first race,” said the CEO commenting on minor problems arisen during the competition.

“The government really understands that the Grand Prix brings a lot to the country and it’s very important to us,” said Baku City Circuit chief executive Arif Rahimov in his interview with Sky Sports.

“Everyone has enjoyed it and we hope we are going to have a very long relationship with Formula 1,” added Rahimov.

Source: Trend