Web Desk April 19, 2021

In Azerbaijan, the state ensures that citizens receive only one public education (free of charge) at each level of higher education, APA reports.


According to the initial version of the draft law “On Higher Education”, Education in higher education institutions operating in Azerbaijan is organized in the Azerbaijani language. Education in educational institutions is ensured to be conducted in other languages on the basis of state standards in the field of higher education. At the same time, it ensures the formation of educational programs in higher education institutions where teaching is conducted in other languages in order to achieve learning outcomes in the Azerbaijani language, literature, history and geography.


It is also organized one-year Azerbaijani language training courses for foreign or stateless students with poor knowledge of the Azerbaijani language in accordance with the curriculum established by the relevant executive authority. Foreigners or stateless persons who successfully complete these courses are admitted to higher education institutions.


In order to promote and ensure the involvement of foreigners in educational programs, the state creates conditions for the implementation of the “Education in Azerbaijan” program, relevant innovative projects and joint educational programs by the relevant executive authority.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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