Education process simplified in Azerbaijan (Azer News)

The Azerbaijani government has decided to simplify its education procedures in the country to ensure easy access for education.

The Cabinet’s decision implies quite easy conditions for the citizens of Azerbaijan abroad wishing to pursue their education, including foreigners and stateless people.

New amendments to the law were made to the right to education for the citizens of Azerbaijan abroad and foreign citizens and stateless persons in Azerbaijan, dated May 1, 2015, in view of eliminating some previous mentions which counteracted with international requirements.

For instance, foreigners are no longer required to get permission from the Education Ministry, which considerably simplifies their entry to Azerbaijani universities.

The updated bill removed any provision on language exams – having a certificate of language proficiency is now sufficient enough.

Azerbaijani citizens and foreigners will not have to pass a language proficiency test provisioned that their previous studies were held in the language they are pursuing their studies in.

The renewed bill will enact into law in 2015-2016 academic year. Azerbaijani universities are allowed to independently check up foreign students on their language skills as well as other abilities in accordance with their own requirements.

Azerbaijani science, education and culture have seen broad integration processes, including in the economic sector. The country is developing partnership with certain world countries in science and education spheres.

All amendments are expected to help to improve Azerbaijan universities’ competitiveness.