Egyptian MP: Armenian militarys killing Azerbaijani civilians is crime against humanity

Egyptian MP Amna Mohammed Nusseir has sharply condemned the Armenian military units killing two Azerbaijani civilians in Alkhanli village, Fuzuli district. This is a crime against humanity.

The MP said this incident should be severely condemned by the world community and international organizations. Nusseir said Azerbaijans fair and peaceful position must be supported, while such Armenian provocations must be stopped.

Nusseir underlined that the murder of civilians, especially toddler, by the Armenian military units is in fact vandalism and breach of international law. He described occupation of 20 per cent of the sovereign Azerbaijani territory by Armenia and ethnic cleansing there as one of the dark pages of modern history. The Egyptian MP emphasized that it is this injustice that causes sufferings of hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs.



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