February 15, 2021

resident Ilham Aliyev approved the Regulation on the Electronic Water Management Information System by decree of February 13. This system is aimed at electronizing the country’s water balance on an annual basis, assessing water resources, monitoring subartesian and artesian wells in real time. The system is also conceived as a mechanism for increasing the efficiency of water resources use by ensuring operational coordination of the activities of all stakeholders. The bulk of Azerbaijan’s water resources are formed outside the country. This factor, as well as drought, leads to a shortage of drinking and irrigation water, which was especially observed in 2019-2020. The water and irrigation infrastructure, which cannot cope with the prevention of huge water losses, is not ready for such a crisis, the government admits. A similar situation creates risks of water supply (the crisis of the summer of 2020 in the Neftchala region), timely for irrigation of lands and crop yields. “I believe that this resource is a very successful step for building e-government, for digital transformation of water resources in the country. Let’s


Source: Turan News Agency

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