admin April 16, 2015

As the world seems to have swallowed up by war and violence the promotion of peace, restraint and above fairness before the rule of law matter more than ever, and in that aspect the European Parliament has utterly failed.

As such a time when wars are raging in the Middle East and radicalism has swept across the world’s regions, the international community has demonstrated not only a lack of strong leadership but political will.

If apathy is indeed dangerous, meddling within one country’s internal affairs is far more dangerous and destructive, and there the EP is playing with fire.

The European parliament demonstrated utmost political tactlessness yesterday when it adopted a resolution in connection with the so-called “Armenian genocide”. European MEPs demanded from Turkey to recognize Armenia’s genocide claims and open its borders with Armenia.

President Rejep Tayyib Erdogan was sharp enough in his statement, making clear that the EP vote toward the “Armenian genocide” will go from one ear through the next.

“Turkey will not allow its history to be stained by a claim of genocide,” he said.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry was also quick in its reply when it slammed the resolution as absurd, accusing EP to play into Armenia propaganda machine.

“We do not take those who voted on such decision seriously, especially since this resolution stands in contradiction to history and international law,” the ministry said in its statement.

Why would the EP adopt such a resolution when such a resolution is bound to add fuel to the fire and ignite tensions when dialogue could have helped alleviate tensions?

Was that really an attempt to normalize relations between two countries? If it was it has thoroughly failed. If anything Turkey harbors more animosity toward Armenia than ever before.

If the truth was really what the EP aimed to see shine than it might have been wiser to look for hard evidences before unilaterally laying blame on Turkey’s doorsteps, especially when Armenia has proven over the past decades to be the one breaking international law – again and again!

Were the MEPs really trying to promote peace by voting such a bias resolution or were they instead making a political statement?

In truth this resolution did nothing for the EP’s image. Hailed as a human rights watchdog, the EP has shot itself in the foot, destroying its standing as an objective party with one swift move.

Azerbaijan immediately rose in protest of the resolution, slamming the EP for its painfully obvious double-standard policy. It even questioned the EP’s motives in regards to Khojaly massacre and Armenia’s hand in the killing of hundreds of Azerbaijan’s men, women and children.

A brutal regime then and a brutal regime now, Armenia has yet to answer for its crimes against Azerbaijan and yet the EP find it legitimate to entertain Yerevan’s genocide delusion.

Unlike Armenia, Azerbaijan’s genocide has been well documented — photos, testimonies, videos — While Azerbaijan has all the proof the world could ever want to prove Baku’s guilt, it is with Armenia the EP has chosen to side with.

Let us remember that in 1918, in Baku and other districts in the region hundreds died the most brutal death by the hands of Armenia.

More than ever Turkey is convinced it should not open its borders with Armenia. Despite many attempts the two countries could not find some common ground.

More surprising yet is the fact that the EP remains oblivious to Turkey’s importance in terms of geopolitics and influence in the world.

A regional super-power Turkey is a powerful ally and making an enemy of Ankara certainly does not bode well for the Old Continent. After all, at a time when Europe is looking for an alternative source of energy and knowing that Turkey will act a bridge in between Central Asian gas and Europe, the EP might want to reconsider its position toward Turkey or face some rather tricky fallouts.