Web Desk February 8, 2021

The European Union does not give preference to either Russian gas or American LNG. Brussels sees primarily important a well-regulated and transparent gas market, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell said in an interview with Interfax last week. “The EU does not give preference to one type of gas or another, but as a buyer it is primarily interested in a well-regulated and transparent market, that is, in pipeline gas and LNG,” Borrell said. According to him, “the real competitor for natural gas is a world without the use of fossil energy sources, which is necessary to combat climate change around the world and which should be our true goal.” “Thus, our relations with Russia in the field of energy in the future should be concentrated on the energy transition. And natural gas will play a key role in this transition,” the head of European diplomacy stressed. In addition, when asked whether the EU could interfere with the construction and operation of the gas pipeline, Borrell stressed that Nord Stream 2 is not a pan-European project.”


Source: Turan News Agency

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