EU should express disappointment to Turkey in acceptable manner – envoy

Currently the issue of bringing back the death penalty in Turkey is a debate, and this debate comes from people in the street that have been chanting for this, Ismail Alper Coskun, Turkish ambassador to Azerbaijan, told Trend in an interview.

He said that the president of Turkey and the country’s government have not committed to anything.

With regard to the possibility that the EU may disapprove of Turkey possibly reinstating the death penalty, the ambassador said that the country respects this, and is ready to talk on the subject.

“But it is very important that when they express their disappointment on this, they do it in acceptable manner,” the ambassador said.

He added that Turkey is very open and sincere in its relationship with the EU.

Over 50 years, the ambassador said, Turkey has been held at the door of the full membership to the EU because of numerous new obstacles that have been put up in front of Turkey, despite the fact that many other countries have been given much more softer approach to the membership.

“Our statehood and our democratic order was challenged in the most blatant manner possible, we are trying to deal with it. We are taking very spiny measures, we are doing it within the rule of law, there may be mistakes, may be some hasty decisions, we are ready to talk about each and everyone of this,” Coskun said.

“Turkey has nothing to hide, we do not have any hidden agendas, we are simply trying to protect our statehood,” the ambassador added.

Source: Trend News Agency