Europe filled gas storage facilities by 70%

European underground gas storages are filled on average by 70%, data from the Gas Infrastructure Europe and WindEurope associations.

The occupancy of the “subways” in the European Union for August 2, is just over 70%. Now there are about 70.8 bcm of gas in European storage facilities.

If the daily download rate in the coming weeks remains at the July level (on average 0.36% points per day), the EU will have time to reach the target level of storage occupancy of 80% by the end of August, and 90% by the end of September.

Wind generation in the European Union remains close to the lower level of the norm. Typically, during the summer season, the share of wind in the region accounts for 11-20% of electricity generation.

According to the Wind Europe Association, on August 3, wind farm generation amounted to 11.2% of the total volume (11% and 8.4% the days before), on average in June – 11.23%, and in July – 11.86%, which was the lowest in 2022.

At the same time, this week, according to Rystad Energy analysts, the abnormal heat in Europe will continue. In most countries of the European central part, the temperature will exceed the average for 22 years, coolness will come only at the weekend. The heat increases the demand for electricity and the sources of its generation needed to cool the premises.

The application for pumping through the “Sudzha” gas measuring station (GIS), according to the website of the GTS Operator of Ukraine, amounted to 41.9 mcm for August 4. At the level of 40-42 million, the indicator has been holding since the end of May.

Gas exports via Nord Stream are expected to reach 31 mcm on August 4, according to applications on the website of the operator Nord Stream AG. Mainline traffic dropped to about 20% capacity in the last days of July.

Source: Turan News Agency