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European energy commissioner to attend ministerial meetings in Baku

BAKU: European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson will visit Azerbaijan on March 1 to participate in the 10th Ministerial Meeting of the Southern Gas Corridor Advisory Council and the 2nd Ministerial Meeting on green energy issues, Trend reports, referring to the press service of the European Commission (EC).

According to Italian media reports, “Simson’s participation in the Baku ministerial meeting underscores Europe’s commitment to diversifying energy sources and ensuring stable and reliable gas supplies.”

“The upcoming March 1st ministerial meeting on green energy in Baku offers a platform to delve into innovative approaches and technologies for attaining clean energy solutions. Amid Europe’s ongoing shift towards more sustainable energy sources, the deliberations will underscore the continent’s commitment to diminishing reliance on traditional fossil fuels,” several Italian publications said.

According to Italian media, “Simson’s visit to Azerbaijan not only emphasizes the importance of energy cooper
ation between the European Union and Azerbaijan but also reflects a shared commitment to tackling climate change and promoting a sustainable future.”

“By engaging in discussions during the March 1 meetings in Baku, participants can advocate for energy projects aligned with environmental principles, contributing to the region’s long-term well-being. Kadri Simson’s visit will exemplify the European Union’s dedication to enhancing energy cooperation and supporting green energy initiatives. The conversations held during these meetings will play a crucial role in expanding the Southern Gas Corridor and expediting the shift to sustainable energy sources in Europe,” Italian publications wrote.

Source: Trend News Agency