European Parliament Human Rights Rapporteur Condemns Verdict on Tofiq Yaqublu

Member of the European Parliament from Portugal and rapporteur on human rights in the world Isabel Santos condemned the verdict on the activist of the Musavat party Tofiq Yaqublu.


In her comment to the Voice of America radio, she said as follows:


“The sentencing to four years and three months of Mr Tofiq Yaqublu, Deputy Chairman of the Musavat political party, was clearly a wrong signal by the Azeri authorities. Last September 3rd’s decision, followed a detention and trial stained by doubts regarding the legitimacy of the claims and also the procedures due process.


Mr. Yaqublu was denied of his last statement in court, depriving him of one of his rights, and called the case against him politically motivated. This resulted in him starting a hunger strike to protest the decision from the judge. We are talking about a case that allegedly is also based on largely false allegations that Mr. Yaqublu has already denied.


This kind of disregard for due process and blatant disrespect for the rule of law and separation of powers is unacceptable. The Azeri authorities must respect all political freedoms and cannot pick and choose which ones they can tolerate.


This case should be re-examined immediately, respecting Azerbaijani’s international commitments, and we must send a clear sign that the international community will not tolerate any silencing of the opposition by the Azeri government.”


Source: Turan News Agency

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