Web Desk April 5, 2021

“Armenians targeted the Absheron peninsula with “Iskander” missiles. I can not understand their shelling Shusha with “Iskander”s,” said Russian well-known journalist, political expert Maxim Shevchenko in this interview with APA’s correspondent in Moscow.


According to him, it is possible those, found in Shusha and not reached the target, are components of “Iskander-M”: “I think, they wanted to launch the missile from Shusha. Their purpose was to hit Azerbaijan’s communications and civilian cities with “Iskander” missiles, as they shelled Ganja, Barda using “Tochka U” and “Scud” missiles during the war. But the fact of finding parts of the weapon in the territory of Shusha is a violation of principle on non-spread of operative-tactical weapons.


Iskandar is an operational-tactical missile weapon. Russia has sold Iskandar operational-tactical missile complex to Armenia. However, the fact that this weapon was found in the occupied territory of Azerbaijan-Shusha is a barbarian crime. Giving this weapon to illegal armed forces in Garabah is a big crime. Who did it? Who gave sanction for giving operational-tactical missiles to Armenian separatists? Now a question arises? Which groupings in the Middle East were able to obtain Iskandar weapons? Maybe PKK organization of the Kurds or any Islamist-terrorist organizations? It is a very dangerous precedent. Which should be investigated by the international commission with the attendance of Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey. I consider that finding the components of this missile complex in Shusha is a very dangerous and alarming symptom.”


  1. Shevchenko has commented so on the fact that the missile parts found in Shusha belonged not to “Alexander E” sold to Armenia, but to “Alexander M” OTRK only intended for Russia’s military arsenal: “It does not matter whether the missile found in Shusha has an “Alexander E” or “M” index. Such weapons are sold only and only to states. If it turns out that Russia has sold operational and tactical weapons to a semi-state and an unrecognized political entity, it will be an event that will radically change world politics in general. It turns out that the Americans can give their operational and tactical weapons to groups that Russia considers terrorists in the Middle East, for example, in Syria. This opens the “Pandora’s box”. I consider that this is a terrible event.”


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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