Former Israeli ambassador: Tolerance in Azerbaijan is a model for other countries

Former Israeli ambassador in Baku, Director of the Eurasia Department at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rafael Harpaz has praised tolerance in Azerbaijan. “Azerbaijan is a role model for other countries in terms of tolerance,” he told journalists. “This is the cultural richness, the greatest treasure of Azerbaijan.” Harpaz particularly hailed the attitude towards Jews in the country. “The Jewish community has always felt safe and lived proudly in Azerbaijan.”

The former ambassador also highlighted Israeli-Azerbaijani relations. “Located in geo-politically complex region, the two countries have maintained successful cooperation in a number of spheres.” “Our countries enjoy excellent partnership in energy sector. Azerbaijani oil accounts for 40 per cent of Israels overall oil consumption.”

On the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Harpaz expressed his hope that the dispute will end up successfully. “The main goal is to achieve peace and stability in the region as this will bring about greater economic accomplishments,” he added.