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Former Member of Election Commission Arrested for Two Months

Public activist Fuad Ismayilov, who became famous during the parliamentary elections for exposing fraud, was arrested for two months in an administrative order on charges of drug use.

As a member with an advisory vote of the precinct election commission in the 32nd Surakhani Third Electoral District, he posted a video of violations in the February 9 parliamentary elections. Police officers removed him from the site with violence.

After the election, he wrote on the wall of the building opposite the CEC “Boo, Mazi!”, expressing thus a protest against the head of the CEC for refusing to consider complaints of fraud during the election.

“On March 7, Fuad Ismayilov, when leaving the house, was detained and taken to the 32nd police station of the Surakhani police. He was accused of having drugs, although he doesn’t even smoke,” said Fikret Jafarli, a former candidate in the district.

On March 7, the Surakhani District Court of Baku found Ismayilov guilty under Art. 206 “Illegal use of drugs, psychotropic substances, manufacture, purchase, storage, transportation or shipment not for sale in the quantity necessary for personal consumption” of the Code of Administrative Offenses and sentenced him to 2 months of arrest.

Source: Turan News Agency