French reporter: “Mass graves in Karabakh are evidence of occupation”

“Not all aspects of the Karabakh conflict are known in France, where there are many Armenians. Mass graves that we saw during our visit to Karabakh are evidence of occupation and war crimes,” French photojournalist Gregory Herpe told APA.

“We do not know all aspects of the story in France. As we know, there are many Armenians. However, if there is a war between two countries, there should be two stories. Yesterday we saw mass graves, it was very awful. It is evidence of occupation ad of course of war cruelties. I can talk much about it. I do not know all the aspects of the conflict. However, we are human. I just wish your country peace and reconstruction. And of course, if it is possible, I wish peace to Armenia too. I think that it is time for peace,” Gregory Herpe said.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency