February 22, 2021

Control measures on imported food products to the country are being continued by the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (FSA), FSA told APA.


According to the information, inspectors of Agency have inspected a consignment of 20.51 tons of onion products produced by ALIKEND private enterprise in the Republic of Ukraine and imported to our country by “IMPORT TRADE AZ” LLC within the framework on control measures.  During an inspection,  the samples have been taken from the imported products and presented to the relevant laboratory of the Azerbaijan Food Safety Institute. As a result of the inspections, it has been found that the mass fraction of nitrate did not meet the requirements of technical normative legal acts.


Agency has prevented entrance of unfit products for consumption to the sale network. Currently, relevant measures are being taken within the framework of the legislation.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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