Web Desk February 9, 2021

Russian gas producer Gazprom has suspended natural gas supplies to the west Russian enclave of Kaliningrad since Monday, according to the gas transmission operator in neighbouring Lithuania, APA reports citing Reuters.


Gazprom has a transit agreement with the Lithuanian operator to transport natural gas via a pipeline from the Belarus-Lithuania border to the Kaliningrad region, which is separated from the Russian mainland.


Amber Grid, which operates Lithuania’s gas transmission system, said it had been informed by Gazprom on Monday that the Russian gas giant was “temporarily ceasing” supplies to Kaliningrad. Gazprom gave no reason for the move and Amber Grid said Lithuanian supplies were not disrupted.


“All such gas supply disruptions in the past were forewarned, and done either for scheduled maintenance or tests. This one was ad-hoc,” a spokeswoman for Amber Grid said.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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