Web Desk March 30, 2021

Due to the economic challenges facing Georgia, it is important to maximize the use of available government resources in economic activity, Trend reports via the country’s Ministry of Economy.

For this, the program “100 investment proposals for business” has been developed, and the ministry made the decision to expand it.

The program expands the list of investment real estate throughout the country, adding various types of state-owned enterprises to the map of objects for sale, locations allocated for the set-up of parking infrastructure on highways, tourist, industrial, agricultural and logistics facilities.

In total, the list includes more than 150 objects worth up to 350 million lari ($103.7 million).

The state expects investments in the amount of 60 million lari ($17.7 million) from the sale of property, and an increase in employment to some 780 people.

In total, the state will offer business state property worth 400 million lari ($118 million). The expected investments will amount to 350 million lari and will provide jobs for at least 10,000 people.


Source: TREND News Agency

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