Web Desk May 3, 2021

Georgia has debuted at Kearney’s Global Services Location Index (GSLI) 2021 and took 19th place among the top-ranked countries to source tech services, Trend reports via the Produce in Georgia agency.

“Georgia is at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and posts competitive rankings on financial attractiveness, workforce skills, and business environment,” the report says.

For 2021’s edition of the ranking, 60 countries were assessed in 47 measurements grouped in the following main categories: financial attractiveness; people, skills and availability; business environment; digital resonance.

For 2021, India and China held the top two spots, respectively, with Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brazil rounding out the top five. Vietnam, the US, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Thailand also finished in the top 10.

GSLI helps companies make key location decisions about where to locate offshore operations, and the Index sheds light on their complex and shifting choices through an analysis of more than 50 countries.


Source: TREND News Agency

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