Web Desk March 29, 2021

Giving by the Karabakh Armenians the status of a “second official language” to the Russian language is an attempt to get closer to Russia, said former Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Tofig Zulfugarov in the “Difficult Question” program of Turan agency on March 29.


He believes that such steps will not give the results expected by the Armenians, for the attitude of Armenians to the Russian language can be judged by the closure of Russian schools.


At the same time, the ex-minister believes that Azerbaijan should strengthen its presence in the liberated territories, ensure the earliest possible return of the population to the region, ensure security, and introduce manat into circulation in these territories. It is also necessary to accelerate the reintegration of the territory into Azerbaijan, to ensure the operation of the country’s legislation.


The ex-minister does not exclude that the Karabakh Armenians will strive to obtain Russian citizenship, use the Russian ruble, etc. “But gradually they will understand that they have no future in Karabakh. Consequently, the activity of the separatists will decrease. Either they agree to live like citizens of Azerbaijan, or they emigrate from the region,” Zulfugarov said.


The attempts of the Armenians to create any state institutions in Karabakh were not justified, the world recognizes Karabakh as an integral part of Azerbaijan, and no one disputes this.


Zulfugarov also pointed to such an important factor as the role of Turkey. This factor is sufficient to neutralize any possible step by Russia against Azerbaijan. On the other hand, internal problems are growing in Russia, and economic sanctions are weakening it, so it will not be able to give free rein to separatism in Karabakh.


In his opinion, Russia will not be able to apply in Karabakh the scenarios tested in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, and Crimea. Violation of agreements is impossible here.


The presence of Russian peacekeepers in the region does not mean limiting the sovereign rights of Azerbaijan. If Azerbaijan accelerates the resettlement of the population to the liberated territories, then by the end of the year not even half of the Armenians will remain in Karabakh


Source: Turan News Agency

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