Grigorchuk: “We drove out good benefits”

Qabala’s head coach Roman Grigorchuk talks to media reporters right after the return match against Maribor in the UEFA EL play-off. The Ukrainian boss says:

“We made a great job in preparation to the match setting up the team in a good psychological form. The things worked out well in the half although the players gave some mistakes beyond our possession. In the half-time, we tried to remove the tension from the team and this helped us to play more creatively and keep up the control over the ball. I was trying to be more patient in the closing period looking for what we have to change.

We were completely focused on this game and were ready to make a change in a proper moment.

This summer, we worked on the staff to build up better team and teamwork and drove out good benefits just like the last summer. The last 2 years are our proud and I appreciate my all players for this.

Now Qabala are expected by the group stage challenges and we will keep up developing into better results. We need one more forward and universal player as we still have 5 days in the transfer window.

Following Filip Ozobic’s goal that was canceled by Maribor, one has to lose his chance to another after a powerful shot that returns from someone”.