Shanghai, Nov. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HAI ROBOTICS, pioneer, and leader in autonomous case-handling robotic (ACR) system, showcased its full range of warehouse robotics, HAIPICK ACR system, during the first day of the 21st edition of CeMAT ASIA, at Logistics Robotics & AGV pavilion, booth N1-B2. The company introduced a new revolutionary machine, the HAIPORT, an automatic case-loading port that loads and unloads cases simultaneously, effectively improving efficiency while reducing costs.

CeMAT ASIA is one of the largest international trade fairs that focus on material handling, automation technology, transport systems, and logistics. During the exhibition, HAI ROBOTICS demonstrated its full range of advanced robotics that use AI algorithms to ensure accurate and efficient execution of tasks. By leveraging HAIPICK’s five key advantages: 7 days for deployment, increased operational efficiency by 3-4 times, increased storage density by up to 230%, flexible customization, and rapid ROI, the company redefines the way of delivering goods to people.

HAIPICK robots include HAIPICK A42D, a double-deep shelving ACR that allows access to the second row of shelves, increasing storage density by up to 130%; HAIPICK A42N, a carton-picking ACR that recognizes cartons and totes without the need of codes, enabling mix picking of cartons and totes of different sizes; HAIPICK A42T, the telescopic lift ACR delivers ultra-wide storage space range (0.25m – 6.50m), suitable for warehouses with irregular heights; and HAIPICK A42 SLAM, a Laser SLAM with mapping and laser capabilities that allows ultra-precision handling.

Richie Chen, CEO & founder of HAI ROBOTICS, introduced the new HAIPORT in a conference organized by CeMAT ASIA. This innovative solution is suitable for warehouses that need to improve inbound and outbound efficiency while reducing automation deployment costs.

New human-machine interaction, faster loading/unloading process

HAIPORT smoothly docks with HAIPICK robots and cooperates with conveyor workstations, loading/unloading 6-8 cases at the same time, realizing automation processes involving loading and unloading. Workers can finish goods sorting without even get in contact with the robots. The design improves the comfort and practicality of manual operation. This solution optimizes the manual process of loading and unloading cases, allowing workers to focus on more critical tasks.

Flexible, customizable, suitable for different application scenarios

The modular design of HAIPORT allows you to change its position and increase or decrease the number of robots according to the customers’ business needs. The multi-case loading and unloading function of HAIPORT allows up to 6 cases simultaneously from the robot onto the conveyor and vice versa. Suitable for various customer application scenarios.

Fast loading/unloading improves efficiency and reduces cost

HAIPORT’s fast loading and unloading capabilities increases efficiency by 130% while increasing loading and unloading speed 16 times. Implementing HAIPORT allows the customer to reduce costs by reducing the need of robots in the operation. For instance, by implementing one HAIPORT, an operation that requires 10 robots, can reduced the number of robots to 7.

An intelligent warehouse management system that easily integrates with your equipment

Based on HAIQ software platform, this solution can perfectly integrate with other equipment such as robots, workstations, and conveyors, delivering high flexibility, helping customers increase operational efficiency.

Recent studies have shown the weakness and flaws of supply chain that couldn’t respond quickly to the new changes as the coronavirus spread around the world. The urge to rethink supply chain is leading companies to implement technological changes in crucial logistics functions across various processes. HAI ROBOTICS is not unfamiliar with the pain points of warehouses and factories and innovates to create and provide efficient, intelligent, flexible, and customized solutions through advanced robotics and AI algorithms, creating value for every warehouse and factory. The company is expanding its business and technical service centers globally and has more than 70 ongoing projects, which include customers such as SF-DHL , BEST Supply Chain, Philips, amongst others.



HAI ROBOTICS is a pioneer in autonomous case-handling robots (ACR). The company is committed to providing efficient, intelligent, flexible, and customized warehouse automation solutions through advanced robotics technology and AI algorithms and creates value for each factory and logistics warehouse. HAI ROBOTICS focuses on the R & D and design of autonomous case-handling robot systems (ACR). The company realizes the independent R&D of core elements such as robot body, bottom positioning algorithm, control system, robot scheduling, intelligent warehouse management system, and has carried out global patent layout. In 2015, the company developed HAIPICK, the first autonomous case-handling robot system, and put it into commercial operation. Since then, it has been applied in 3PL, footwear, e-commerce, electronics, energy, manufacturing, medicine, and other industries. By using the HAIPICK system, customers can realize warehouse automation transformation in a week, increase storage density by 80% – 130%, and improve workers’ work efficiency by 3-4 times.


Jonathan Rios
HAI Robotics