admin April 21, 2021

“We must take the necessary steps to secure our interests. The creation of the Zangazur corridor fully meets our future national and historical interests. We are implementing the Zangazur corridor, whether Armenia wants it or not. If they do, it will be easier for us to decide, if they do not, we will decide it by force. Just as before and during the war, I said that they must get out of our lands or we will expel them by force. And so it happened. The same will apply to the Zangazur corridor,” said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in an interview with Azerbaijan Television on April 20, APA reports.

“Our main rival is time because the construction of a railway and a highway takes time. Therefore, all resources have been mobilized to implement this project. So the Azerbaijani people will return to Zangazur, which was taken away from us 101 years ago,” noted the head of state.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency