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Hotels in the city of Shusha work with profit

During 2022, tourists spent 17.5 thousand overnight stays in hotels, 10 times more than in the previous year. Foreigners accounted for 14.6% of overnight stays, the State Statistics Committee told Turan.


Revenue from services rendered reached 3 million manats ($1 million 775 thousand), an increase of 6 times. The cost of living in a hotel room in the city of Shusha averaged 83.4 manats ($49.3) last year. At the same time, the income from the sale of food and beverages (1 million 496 thousand manats) exceeded the income from providing hotel rooms to guests by 1.8%. The hotel administration spent 685 thousand manats on their purchase. 15.5 thousand manats were paid to hotels for the rental of conference halls in 2022.


The balance sheet profit, net of expenses (2.7 million manats) of hotels in the city of Shusha amounted to 290 thousand manats. The expenses include taxes paid to the state budget in the amount of 336.8 thousand manats. One third of the costs (1 million 167 thousand manats) this is the salary fund of 91 employees of Shusha hotels. According to Turan’s estimates, last year their average monthly nominal salary was 1,069 manats ($629).


According to the SCC, there are 137 rooms with a capacity of 287 beds in three hotels in the city of Shusha. During the year, 16.7% of the one-time capacity was used, including 9.6% in October–December.


Currently, guests of the city of Shusha are served by three hotels, the most popular of which are Garabag Hotel and Xarıbülbül Hotel. In whose ownership these hotels are located – there is no public information. There are none in the list of real estate transferred to the balance of the Management of the Reserve of the city of Shusha. They are also not under the management of the State Tourism Agency. Currently, the restoration of the Shusha Boutigue Hotel and the construction of the Shusha Hotel and Congress Hall. 08B are underway


Source: Turan News Agency