Huawei P10 presented

Huawei has been making consistently great phones for a number of years now, yet has struggled to establish itself as a household name in western markets � and its latest flagship, the Huawei P10, offers a glimpse as to why that’s the case.

According to Techradar, the Huawei P10 is a culmination of everything the company has been doing right, with a few minor tweaks from the P9 to make sure it keeps up with the big guns such as Apple and Samsung.

But they are minor tweaks, and the P10 is a limited upgrade � and if you’re already running a recent phone from the company you may not be inspired to upgrade, although you might want to check out the slightly larger and better-specced Huawei P10 Plus instead.

The Huawei P10 is now out in the UK, but it’s not a cheap device. It costs Pound 569.99 from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, which also has network deals with 2GB of data for Pound 35.99 a month with an upfront cost of Pound 29.99.

You may be able to get the phone for a little bit less too – we spotted it on GiffGaff at Pound 499, but deals like that have proven hard to come by.

A few months after the initial release date, Huawei is also selling the P10 in Australia too. It costs $899 from Vodafone and Virgin Mobile in Australia.

For Australia, we now know the phone will coming out on May 25 and you can pre-order from a number of networks already. It’ll cost $899 and you can buy it on Optus, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone.