admin April 26, 2021

“The USA President Joe Biden’s use of the term “genocide” in connection with the events of 1915 is nothing more than denial and distortion of historical facts,” said Turkish national defence minister Hulusi Akar, APA reports.

He noted that those who use the term “genocide” should look at their history and the history of the world.

“What think restrained American people about this? There is no rational or moral explanation of this decision adopted with the influence of the lobby which does not represent the Armenian people. It should be known that history will not be rewritten with such political statements.

Creation of new contradictions in the history is unacceptable and useless. Historical events should not be politicized. It is clear that it will negatively impact firstly on peace in the region, especially on Turkey-Armenia and Turkish-Armenian relations. Stability of our region is the joint problem of us, regional countries, Turkey and Armenia, but not Armenian Diaspora and countries, which try to use it for their own interests today too as it was yesterday,” stressed the Turkish Minister.

H. Akar noted that Turkey had always defended the necessity of conduction of discussions on the 1915 events by historians, but not by politicians and expected it from the third countries, including its partners like the US: “Despite this, with this decision, the US administration, denying its official information and bowing to pressure of the Armenian Diaspora and others, has ignored the existing documents, including the report of General Harbord at the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)”.

The Defense Minister has also noted that the US should correct its own mistake.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency