admin April 13, 2021

Budapest,President Ilham Aliyev’s press-conference given to the participants of the International Symposium “New Vision for South Caucasus: Post Conflict Development and Cooperation” on April 13 in Baku reflected the country’s full commitment to capitalize the war-time accomplishments into peace and transform the military victory to serve the noble goal of regional stability and prosperity,” founder of Hungary’s English-language online information resource Daily News Hungary Alpar Kato in his interview with AZERTAC’s special correspondent in Budapest.

“The war has ended, the occupied territories liberated, international law restored. Refugees can now plan their long-awaited return to their ancestral lands. Yet, not until the demolished cities and villages are rebuilt, the minefields cleared from the landmines and the safety is fully guaranteed. The ambitious multi-billion reconstruction program are currently underway, and we are pleased that Hungary is listed among the most-favorable countries invited to participate in the reconstruction projects”, Kato said.

President Aliyev’s press-conference today once again proved that his country views peace and cooperation to be the only prerequisite for the regional stability and prosperity, he added.

Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency