admin April 29, 2021

Huseyn Abdullayev’s health is serious, the lawyer Elchin Sadigov told Turan after visiting the convicted former deputy Huseyn Abdullayev in a medical institution of the Penitentiary Service on Thursday.

“The treatment provided is not enough. Internal organs and heart of Abdullayev needs treatment, which is impossible in a closed institution,” the lawyer said.

According to him, the Penitentiary Service hides information that is important for Abdullayev’s life and creates unreasonable difficulties for a lawyer when meeting with a client.

“Abdullayev has to walk with a catheter; he has a defect in the prostate gland, heart and mental instability. His state may worsen if quality medical care is not provided,” the lawyer said.

* Huseyn Abdullayev was detained in Turkey in April 2018 and taken to Azerbaijan. According to the indictment, a criminal case was opened against him on charges of fraud, tax evasion, etc. The Baku military court sentenced the former deputy to 6 years in prison.

** On March 16, 2007, during the government’s report to the Milli Majlis, Abdullayev had a fight with another deputy, Fazail Agamaly. After that, Abdullayev’s deputy mandate was revoked, and he himself was arrested. However, later the two-year real term was changed to a suspended one. He later immigrated to Germany, receiving asylum there.

While in exile, Abdullayev wrote the anthem “Don’t be silent!”. The authorities interpreted this as a challenge and the beginning of his persecution.

Source: Turan News Agency