admin May 4, 2016

YEREVAN -Armenia follows the range of delirium-statements of Azerbaijani top officials, which are both surprising and ridiculous. There is an impression that even books about democracy have been eliminated in Azerbaijan, Armenian President’s spokesperson Vladimir Hakobyan told, commenting on the announcements of the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister and other officials regarding the submission of the bill on recognizing Nagorno-Karabakh to the Republic of Armenia.

“Unfortunately, Azerbaijanis have lived under dictatorship for such a long time that even the top circles of the leadership have forgotten that in other countries there are usually people who represent opposition but are not in prison,” Hakobyan said, adding that Azerbaijanis are surprised that in some countries opposition forces have the right to submit their own proposals.

Hakobyan also stated that, “No one should have doubts that if Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is officially recognized by Armenia, President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan will be the first to announce that.”

Source: Asbarez