admin April 15, 2021

“Belarus is our friend, a trusted partner, and we naturally count on its active participation not only in the restoration of the liberated territories. Also, I am sure that Belarus as a partner of Armenia, as a country that is a member of the EurAsEC and the CSTO together with Armenia, a country that is a close friend of Azerbaijan and an authoritative country in the world, can, of course, play an important role in the future establishment of contacts between Armenia and Azerbaijan,” President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said Following a ceremony of signing documents with President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, APA reports.

“I have also told Alexander Grigoryevich that one format associated with the city of Minsk has now been consigned to history. The Minsk Group exists, but the conflict has been resolved. What the Minsk Group will be doing is still unknown to us. We look forward to some creative ideas from them. Our Minister of Foreign Affairs reported to me today that after my yesterday’s comment on the activities of the Minsk Group, it made a statement. I will, of course, familiarize myself with it but, as they say, I hope that all other formats associated with the city of Minsk will also be resolved peacefully. We wanted to settle the conflict with Armenia peacefully for almost 30 years. And the fact that we remained committed to the negotiations speaks of our intentions. Therefore, the fact that the conflict was resolved by military and political means is, of course, the fault of the occupying country. If they had heeded my calls and persistent demands to vacate our territories before and even during the war, then the consequences of the war would not have been so painful for Armenia. They have only themselves to blame. We have restored justice, including historical justice, international law and implemented the resolutions of the UN Security Council,” noted head of state.

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency