In Germany they want to oblige the social network to cooperate with the secret services

It is proposed to introduce a norm obliging the social network to provide confidential information about users. The authorities of several Federal States of Germany call to introduce a rule which would oblige the social network, particularly Facebook, to provide on request of law enforcement sensitive information about users. We are talking about personal data of those suspected of crime and planning of terrorist acts, reported on Sunday, August 7, the weekly Welt am Sonntag.

The land authorities are outraged that the leadership of Facebook leaves unanswered an average of two-thirds of such requests.

It is estimated that in recent years, police, prosecutors and intelligence agencies of Germany sent to the address Facebook every day more than ten requests for personal user data, in particular credentials or IP addresses.

The interior Minister of Bavaria, Joachim Herrmann needs to enter for social networks binding position, according to which responding authorities will have one of the authorized officers. Furthermore, it should be as shortened credentials or user information, said Herrman.

Can’t go ten seconds from the moment the photo posted in Facebook from Germany, you can see anywhere in new Delhi and I believe that the leadership of the social network must be responsive security services for a maximum of one hour, said in turn Minister of Justice of the Federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia Thomas Kuchta.

The authorities of other lands also require a law to compel Facebook to work more closely with law enforcement.