Investment in Azerbaijani Economy decreased by more than 27%

Fund in the amount of 724 mln manat has been directed for development of economic and social areas in Azerbaijan from all financial sources to main capital in January, 2021, or 27,5% less amount has been directed in comparison to the relevant period of the previous year, the State Statistics Committe told APA-Economics.


According to the information, the volume of investment in oil-gas sector has decreased by 38.8%, and volume of investment in non-oil gas sector has decreased by 38,8%. 583 mln manat of the used funds or 80,5% has been spent to production areas, 80,7 mln manat (11,2%) to service areas, 60,3 mln manat(8,3%) to consruction of residential houses. 377,5 mln manat or 52,1% of funds directed to fixed capital were domestic funds.


Source: Azeri-Press News Agency

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